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This page is dedicated to honoring special people who are very important to my family and me.

Phil Williams

Dr. Phil Williams

Dr. Phil Williams, close friend of my parents, and an outstanding Bible scholar, professor and pastor.

Here is a tribute to Phil from my dad that he shared at the memorial service.

Grampa Martz

Dr. Willard Martz

My Grampa Martz, an absolute model of a Godly man and loving grandfather. The memories of my childhood and teenage years are filled with trips to see Grampa and Gram and visits from them at Christmas. I will always treasure the fact that I was able to spend one lunchtime per week with them for most of the time I worked near their house.

Here is a pamphlet written by Grampa that is the most important thing he would have ever wanted to share with you.

Ray Van Gelder

Ray Van Gelder, father of my aunt Gayle and grandfather of my cousins Brent and Tricia, went Home on July 28, 1998.

A tribute to Ray, written on his 70th birthday.

Leta Fischer

Leta Fischer, wife of Ed Fischer who directed me in bell choir for so many years, had more verses underlined in her Bible than not.

Virginia Williams

Virginia Williams, who along with her husband Phil were longtime friends of my parents and our family.

Mary Margaret Kidd

Mary Margaret Kidd (“Mrs. Kidd” to me), was the mother of my aunt Claudia Barry and grandmother of my cousins Sonya and Leasha.

John Barry

My Grandpa Barry, who went Home to be with the Lord on February 23, 2001. I had the wonderful opportunity to be with Grandpa just minutes before his death. Although he was not awake, I was able to tell him what a great grandfather he was and I thanked him for taking such great care of my Dad and his brother Don, and my Grandma.

Here is a synopsis of my Grandpa’s life and tributes to him presented by my Dad, my uncle Don, and Grandpa’s brother-in-law Earl Marks at the memorial service on March 2, 2001.

Joan Barry

Just five months after the passing of Grandpa Barry, my Grandma Barry went Home to be with the Lord on July 25, 2001.

Here is a synopsis of my Grandma’s life that was presented at her memorial luncheon on August 4, 2001.

Dr. Raymond C. Ortlund

Ray was pastor of Lake Avenue Church for 20 years from 1959-1979 and for 17 years was the speaker of the Haven of Rest radio broadcast which I listened to regularly.

He was the author of the best-selling book Lord, Make My Life a Miracle. Ray was a warm and loving man who always encouraged people to go hard after God.

His last words: “Amen, and Amen!”

Ed Fischer

Ed was involved in music ministry at Lake Avenue Church for over 50 years as choir director, founder and director of multiple bell choirs, and choir member. I had the privilege of being in the Bells of Praise for most of the time between 1982 and 1997.

One of his greatest musical joys was taking the SonLight Bells to Europe twice during the 80’s and finding that the people there were just enthralled with the bells. Ed was so loved by our family and by the entire church family for his incredibly faithful service.

Jean Martz

My Gram. I fully realize that I am significantly biased, but she was the most wonderful grandmother ever. Even when separated by distance, she was constantly engaged in our lives through phone calls and letters. Her prayer life was legendary, her ministry as a pastor’s wife and mentor was profound, and her almost 50-year teaching career impacted the lives of so many.

Gram was always willing to try new things even including learning how to use a computer and send email in her late 80’s.  She was an expert seamstress and worked on the bridal gown and bridesmaid dresses for our wedding when she was 93 years old.

I was so blessed to have this incredibly special person be such a big part of my life.

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