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Ray Van Gelder

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A Tribute to Ray on His 70th Birthday

by Cliff and Betty Coulbert

Your children said to come prepared
With memories to share,
So this ditty, not too witty,
Tells you how we care.

Hard work and generosity
Each one your middle name,
And friendliness and prayerfulness
I’m sure you’re still the same.

My goodness, are you seventy?
How can you be that old?
Kind things you’ve done we won’t forget,
The years they do unfold.

The guest house for God’s servants
“Like the Shunammite” you thought,
And cabinets for Christian schools
Where God’s ways might be taught.

And financing a building
Where Christians then could meet
And worship Christ and sing His praise
And learn His Word so sweet.

With slivers, hammered thumbs and such
And nights worked late you filled it.
The church’s needs you did supply
Or otherwise you’d build it.

When benches, tables and all such
Our growing church did need,
You made them up and just in time
With diligence and speed.

When during the millenium
With Christ we reign and rule,
If building things of wood we need,
Bet Ray will teach the school.

If someone’s fixing up the gates,
With hammer, nails or welder,
Better take another look,
It’s probably Ray Van Gelder.

Don’t think your name is written down
In earth’s big book, “Who’s Who,”
But God is writing all the time
Of all the things we do.

And keeping records morn till night
Of all things done to please Him,
And that’s when honored you will be,
When our time comes to meet Him.

And so when ends our deepest trials
And days of joy and fun,
Then you can hear the Father say,
“Good faithful son, well done!”

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