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by Jean Martz

It is the most demanding, difficult, hard-working job there is, yet it is the most rewarding and fulfilling when done the Bible way, claiming Holy Spirit power and wisdom.

Of what are mothers made? It takes lots of parts to make a mother! A mother has to have a special kind of ears that can hear the tiniest whimper of a baby in the darkness of the night; ears that can keep track of little children at their play; sympathetic ears to listen well to the woes and joys of a teenager needing to talk.

And then, a mother needs a special kind of eyes—eyes that are quick to notice the dirt behind a little boy's ears or the wiggly frog in his pocket or the smudgy hands of a Iittle girl. A mother has to have special eyes to be able to read the heart's need—the anxiety, the deceit, the frustration, the disappointment. Most important, a mother has to have eyes that can see beneath the freckles and the dirt and strawberry jam and see the potential preacher, missionary, teacher, doctor, nurse, business person, statesman, homemaker and encourage that calling.

A good mother has to have special knees—knees that do lots of bending so that she can get low enough to look into those little eyes, low enough to build those blocks, play doll house, give horsey-back rides or wipe up spilled milk. She especially requires knees that are bent in prayer daily for that child and with that child.

Feet are mighty necessary parts as well. Think how much walking a mother has to do—from stove to sink, to refrigerator, to crib, to high chair, to play pen, to washing machine, to ironing board, to trash can—with paths crossing and recrossing a dozen times a day. A mother's feet have to be the kind that keep on going no matter how much they ache until the house is straightened and the precious ones are tucked in and prayed in for the night.

A mother must also have the right kind of hands—the kind familiar with the feel of hot, soapy water and cookie dough and the handle of a broom. She needs hands the are tender when they bandage an "owie," soothing to the feverish brow, gentle to wipe away the tears, skillful to patch a pair of pants and sew up a little dress, and firm in handling the rod when a little child needs a spanking.

And oh how wonderful that God gave mothers laps —laps where children can bring broken toys, books just waiting to be read and to share childhood treasures. A mother needs a lap where a little child is always welcome when he is tired, or hurt or unhappy, or sick or just in need of some loving. A child needs a lap where he can find restoration and forgiveness when he has been punished for wrongdoing.

But most of all, a mother needs a mother's heart to feel the happiness and disappointments. It takes a mother's heart filled with I Corinthians 13 love to deal with the child who is patient and encouraging when there is no response. It takes a mother's heart that is fixed on the Lord and His Word, living in victory over the little things to even begin this God-given task of mothering.

Every part of a mother is so vital—ears, eyes, knees, feet, hands, lap and heart—but the sacred key that opens the locks to all parts is the submissive heart attitude to her Lord, His Word and a faithful prayer ministry.

Our responsibility for our children begins with our care for them physically, emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually, but there does come an end to that care for them. There is one area, however, that never ends. It begins when they are born and will continue throughout their lifetime, and that is our prayers for them—they will always be standing in need of our prayers.

In Him,
Jean Martz

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