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A Tribute To Jochebed

By Jean Martz

Jochebed—"Jehovah is her glory," the daughter of Levi, born in Egypt; the wife of Amram, from the house of Levi charged with the care of the sanctuary; the mother of Miriam, Aaron and Moses; a godly woman of the Word, of faith, of trust, of obedience and of great influence: one of the most important mothers who ever lived.

Jochebed's three children had great influence on the history of Israel all at the same time. They demonstrated to those round about them the place that faith, trust and obedience had in their mother's heart and life.

  • Moses—the Hebrew law-giver, the statesman, the leader of the nation of Israel and most of all, a great man of faith.
  • Aaron—lsrael's high priest who symbolized God's holiness and grace toward His people and represented God to the people and the people to God.
  • Miriam—She had her part in leadership. She was Israel's first prophetess; she also used her musical talent in leading the women of Israel in praises to the Lord.

Jochebed had God's Word and ways implanted in her young life as she grew up in her priest-father's home. After she had married Amram and given birth to Miriam and Aaron, training them in the ways of the Lord in the midst of the Egyptian bondage and Pharaoh's decree for the midwives to put to death the newborn boy babies, Jochebed found herself pregnant. Imagine her feelings when she realized Lord had given her a son! The scriptures say he was a goodly child, a fair child, a proper child, a very special child.

In the three months of hiding this little babe, God revealed His plan to Jochebed. She stepped out on faith and placed that little babe in a protective basket in the Nile River, the same Nile River where newborn boy babies were thrown to the crocodiles. Jochebed took her hands off her little son and placed him in God's loving care and protection. God led Pharaoh's daughter to the very spot where the little basket floated. She found the little Hebrew babe. His sister, Miriam, offered the services of a Hebrew woman to nurse him. Just think, God allowed Jochebed to care for her own baby boy and she even got paid by Pharaoh's daughter.

In the early years of Moses' life, he had the godly training of his godly mother plus the education of a prince of the palace. God was preparing him for the work He had chosen him to do. Imagine the truths Jochebed taught him about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and the Israelites' bondage in Egypt. Think of the possible scripture she could have used...

  • "Thou God seest me." Gen. 16:13
  • "Is anything too hard for the Lord?” Gen. 18:14
  • "I, being in the way, the Lord led me.” Gen. 24:27
  • "I am with thee and wilt keep thee in all places whither thou goest.” Gen. 28:15

The plan for Moses' life was to redeem his people. Jochebed's faith became his faith! Jochebed's love for obedience to God's Word became his love! Jochebed's biblical standards became his standards! When Moses was ready to make decisions in his adult life, there was no question as to which way he should go.

  • He by faith chose the people of God.
  • He by faith forsook Egypt.
  • He by faith followed the directions of God in obedience to His Word.
  • He by faith led his people out of bondage.

Jochebed! What a mother! She so thoroughly taught Moses in those receptive, impressionable years concerning the God of Israel that all the allurements of the heathen palace never erased those impressions. He had the finest education that Egypt afforded, but it not turn him from his childhood faith.

Jochebed's faith, trust and obedience became Moses' faith, trust and obedience. "His mother's name was Jochebed and he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord." As is the mother, so are her children! Motherhood is both a priceless gift and a solemn responsibility from God.

In Him,
Jean Martz

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