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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the most important people in my life — my wife Tina, our children Allison and Jonathan, and our family and friends. Here you’ll find the latest news, pictures, sounds, and writings, as well as the message board.

January 7: Tina's parents were here visiting and one of our stops was at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point.

January 2: Annual Soup Night is always a great time of fellowship and "catching-up" as we all don't get to see each other as much as we used to.

December 26: We visited Aunt Leah, Kyla, Lindsey, Madison, and Carter. Lots of fun and fabulous food!

December 25: We celebrated Christmas with my folks, Tami, and Dean and Maria. What a special time together.

December 19: The kindergarten classes at Allison's school presented a holiday program of songs and poems.

December 18: A Christmas concert at church with many participants including Allison, Dean, and Duane.

December 17: We were visited by Joel, Carter, and Madison who brought some Star Wars-themed gifts for Allison and Jonathan!

Don BarryJanuary 4
Duane FunderburkJanuary 4
Bill MartzJanuary 8
Jim ReidJanuary 9
Marilyn SlenkJanuary 10
Mary Catherine TienJanuary 10
Laura RamirezJanuary 10
Melissa LazarianJanuary 13
Paul NagleJanuary 13
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