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Welcome! This site is dedicated to the most important people in my life — my wife Tina, our children Allison and Jonathan, and our family and friends. Here you’ll find the latest news, pictures, sounds, and writings, as well as the message board.

August 13: We had a fantastic trip to Michigan where we had great times with family and friends. Some highlights were riding Big Wheels in Grandpa and Grandma's driveway, tubing (sofa-ing?) on Upper Silver Lake, and a combined birthday party for Jonathan and Allison.

June 18: We had a fabulous vacation up in Carmel. The weather was fabulous, the food was extraordinary, and the fellowship was full of laughs and great conversations.

The kids almost lived in the pool but there was also time for some trips to the beach and a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Lindsey SlenkAugust 2
Bob HarrisAugust 4
Sarah StehlyAugust 5
Joe StehlyAugust 6
Mark ThallanderAugust 9
Dean McCoyAugust 9
Allison BarryAugust 13
Elaine MartzAugust 13
Mike AndersonAugust 13
Ryan BaasAugust 19
Bev JohnsonAugust 22
Mina KermaniAugust 29
Denise WamplerAugust 29
Alex TienAugust 30
Don & Claudia BarryAugust 19
Brent & Elaine MartzAugust 22
Gary & Lois BarryAugust 24

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